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Travel Insurance

Leisure Travel Insurance

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Whether you are travelling interstate, around Australia, overseas or taking a holiday on a Cruise Ship we recommend you take out a travel insurance policy.

Often we think that it will not happen to us…………..but it can and it does!   

What can happen without travel insurance?
(Details provided by QBE Travel Insurance & Omega)
IBG Group
A male traveller was 63 years old and was travelling with his family in Eastern Europe and suffered a stroke while travelling and was admitted to hospital. 

As the facilities were inadequate his family had organised for him to be air-lifted at a cost of AU$30,000 to Switzerland.  

The traveller did not have travel insurance and as a result the family had to pay all the associated bills.  

Wanting to get back to Australia, the man’s family contacted OMEGA in the hope they could organise a private Repatriation back to Australia. 

OMEGA organised the Repatriation back to Australia however at a cost of $AU32,702.  On return to Australia, the client spent time in ICU and recovered well however he did have to sell his property to cover for the repatriation, medical attention and the airlift.


This is only one of the many Case Histories provided in regard to those who travel with and without travel insurance.

Some of the benefits of a travel policy can include (please refer to the full policy wording to obtain coverage details and the applicable limits relevant to each destination):

Medical Expenses
Medical Evacuation and Repatriation (Overseas)
Luggage and Personal Effects
Cancellation or Holiday Deferment Costs
Emergency Travel Arrangement and Accommodation Expenses
Missed Connection
Rental Vehicle Expenses
Death Expenses
Personal Liability
Legal Expenses

To obtain a quote for Leisure Travel, please click on the Download PDF to obtain a quote form.   Please either email to IBG Insurance Brokers or fax to (03) 9813 1611. 

Corporate Travel Insurance

Download PDF - Corporate Travel Quote Request Form

Corporate Travel Insurance is designed to cover Australian companies when executives or employees travel for business purposes.   IBG has access to comprehensive policies which provide cover for a mishap that could occur when travelling.  It can meet the needs of companies whose staff travel only a few times a year, to those who travel frequently on an annual basis.  

To obtain a quote for Corporate Travel, please click on the Download PDF to obtain a quote form. Please either email to your contact at IBG Insurance Brokers or fax to (03) 9818 6872