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Marine (Transit Insurance)

Do you import or export product?

Do you transport products within Australia?

While modern shipping methods have greatly reduced the hazards of transportation it is still essential for Australian importers and exporters to obtain marine insurance to protect their interests.    We recommend you contact IBG Insurance Brokers to discuss your options if you import and/or export product and in particular discuss the benefits of obtaining your own marine insurance. 

You may also require cover for items whilst in transit (road,rail, air) within Australia.    Products are often moved from one location to another creating a risk for damage ie. truck overturning.    We can review your requirements and provide you with a quote to cover your stock whist in transit whether it be for a "one off" transit or for numerous transits within a year.

IBG Insurance Brokers has access to a wide range of Marine Insurance policies depending on the type of situation.  Some of the products include:

  • Single Transit
  • Annual Marine Cargo
  • Goods in Transit
  • Specified Items in Transit
  • Carriers Cargo Liability
  • Carriers Goods in Transit
  • Marine Liability

If you wish to discuss this matter or you require a quote please click here to complete our online contact form.